The 2020 WNY Hiking Challenge

The Western New York Hiking Challenge is an event created by as a way to get out and take advantage of the many trails and outdoor areas in the 716.

In their own words, "This challenge was created to get people out on the many beautiful and unique trails throughout WNY. Our goal is to encourage people to get outside, embrace the outdoors, and reap the many benefits of spending time in nature.

The Western New York Hiking Challenge is designed to give people an opportunity to visit new local parks and explore new trails. Along with hiking the trails, the challenge material will educate participants on parks’ history and local flora and fauna to spot while on the trail."

We like the fact that quite a few of the trails are either within view or right on many of our local waterways. We've signed up and will be chronicling our adventures between now and the end of the year conquering at least 20 of these great trails.

The price to sign up starts at $20 per person which goes to pay for the awesome stickers and patches you get once you complete the challenge with the profits going to support the WNY Land Conservancy organization. That's a buck a trail! Totally worth it to support a great organization.

For all the details and to sign up hit

We will see you on the trails!