So... What is this all about?

We live in a pretty cool area. From the Pennsylvania border to Barker, NY near Lake Ontario we've got some pretty spectacular water access, over 120 miles worth here in the 716 area code. And that's just the start. We've got lakes, rivers, creeks, canals and any number of ways to spend some quality time on a body of water. We flock towards the water in all seasons, whether we're swimming, fishing, boating, jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing or just hanging out in close proximity.

We live it, we love it, it's in our DNA. We use it and we care for it. Any chance we get. 

If you feel the same like our facebook page, follow our instagram page and let us keep in touch. We point out great things to do, great people to know, great events and causes to support and great ways to get involved.

Stay tuned for what we become. It's our life, a Shore Life, in the 716.

Thanks for listening...