Give a Fly, Take a Fly

Meet the Flybrary. 
We're into pretty much anything and everything you can do on the water here in the 716 but truth be told one of our favorite things to do is fish, specifically fly fishing the creeks for rainbow, brown and brook trout, steelhead and honestly anything we can get. Fly fishing has a reputation of being expensive and exclusive, however this couldn't be further from the truth. You can really spend as much or as little as you want. For every $1000 rod and reel setup out there you'll find just as many $60 setups. This however, is a subject for another time.

The Flybrary Project is a nationwide movement to promote fly fishing and camadarie between anglers. It's quite simple. Need a fly? Take one. Have an extra? Leave it for the next angler. A trip over to their website,, will enable you to search flybraries across the country, purchase official supplies to make one if you wish, allow you to register an existing flybrary on the map, etc..  
The picture above is one we've created recently that in the coming days will go up near one of our local water access points here in the area. We'll let you know where and when. And we'll probably do a few more over the course of the summer. 
'Cause all things considered, who couldn't use a little more camaraderie these days? 😁
Update: 3/9/21 Our inaugural Flybrary has been placed!