The Outsider: #LeaveNoTrash starts Monday!

  • Sign the Pledge: Next week, we're asking you to get outside and pick up some trash as part of #LeaveNoTrash week. Get started by taking the pledge and tell us how much trash you plan to clean up. Want to learn more about Leave No Trash? Hear how Klean Kanteen have committed to the effort.


  • In the News: By now, you've seen photos of campsites left covered in litter, utterly destroyed. One campsite in Colorado has just moved to a reservation system after campers left sites covered in trash and human waste. Learn what happened and how a ranger on the ground says these situations can be prevented. 


  • News & Updates: Leave No Trace is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Colorado Parks & Wildlife, the first state agency in the U.S. that oversees parks, fish and wildlife to partner with the Center. Learn more about the first-of-its-kind partnership and what happens next. 



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