Swag Has Arrived

What kind of a person drives around with a Shore Life 716 sticker on their car? or on their gear? What does it say? We say it's a person who recognizes the awesome natural resources we have here in Western New York and not only takes full advantage of them, they also take care of them as well. Whether that means cleaning up after yourself, taking part in an organized event or simply having a heart and cleaning up someone elses mess. Yes, we know you didn't make it and we really appreciate that you care enough to make it a little better for the next person.

How do you get one of these fine pieces of SL716 Swag? Right now there are two ways. One way is to head over to the Gear Store at www.shorelife716.com and pick one up for $2, including shipping.

The second way, if you happen to be an instagram user is to take a pic of you filling a bag out on or near the water with trash or any example of you protecting our Shore Life and tag it #shorelife716. We may just send you a FREE sticker in the mail. Just like your stick figure family and half marathon ovals we want to see SL716 stickers on EVERY vehicle in the 716. Because why wouldn't you?